Small changes, Big benefits

At its core, Bellatte is a wellness and functional beverage brand on a mission to change the ubiquitous cup of coffee into an elevated daily ritual with health benefits.

We stay ahead of the curve on health, beauty and wellness foods, incorporating them into unique and delicious combinations not found in basic coffees or teas.  


Looking and feeling good is an inside-out endeavor. We purposefully include ingredients that are shown to support hair, skin and nail health because we want our outer glow to portray our inner light.

Addiction Free

We believe addiction to anything brings negative energy into your life. That feeling that you "can't start your day" or "have to get your fix" just means you're feeling bad - physically, mentally, emotionally -  and are under the control of a substance instead of your own will and emotion. 

So our products will always be negligibly low to no caffeine or habit-forming stimulants of any kind (we're talking to you, Guarana).

Meet Candace Caswell, Founder and CEO


Candace was an executive in marketing for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and lived her spare time at the coffee machine. The coffee was warm, it was comforting, and it seemed like a nice break from the stressors of her day. 

But she never felt less stressed. In fact, her stress was going up and up, every month, every year. 

In 2018, she completed a Yoga Certification in Kundalini yoga. It was during this time she slowed down, tuned in to her nervous system, and could really feel the effects caffeine was having on her mind and body.

So she quit coffee! Just that easy, right? WRONG. It was HARD to quit coffee. There was nothing else out there that tasted similar and had the same "mouthfeel". Nothing that could easily replace it.

Candace spent one year creating Bellatte so it could be a TRUE  upgrade to coffee and the other coffee "replacements".  It had to taste amazing, be good hot or cold, be low-to-no caffeine, AND provide health benefits since she was too busy to always take care of herself. 

So Bellatte was born. 

It's her love letter to all the working moms, dads, sisters, brothers who are addicted to coffee but need a break and for those who can't tolerate caffeine and still want to drink something delicious and comforting everyday.

We hope you love it as much as we do!